since 1863

Prep Cream was originally developed in the United States in the 1860's by the Mark Allen Company.

Over the years Prep has been refined and developed into a unique cream suitable for the whole family.

In addition to the USA Prep is now available in many countries worldwide.

What makes Prep unique

Prep Cream is formulated from 7 special emollients and essential oils chosen for their unique soothing, cooling, and moisturising properties to form a pure, smooth hygienic cream.

Prep Cream brings immediate relief to irritated or sensitive skin leaving it feeling smooth, cool, supple and refreshed.

Prep Cream has many uses and is a one-stop skincare treatment for the whole family. Instead of a myriad of different products which clutter up the bathroom cabinet, Prep Cream is the only product for both sexes needed to give an excellent shave, treat dry skin and cracked heels, sun burn, insect bites, nappy irritation and other minor skin irritations.

Prep Cream is available in different size packs for home, travel and holidays.