Prep takes the pain out of shaving

Shaving sensitive skin and heavy beards

The lubricants and cooling agents in Prep Cream, are ideal for painless shaving of sensitive skins and heavy beards.

Prep makes shaving more comfortable by assisting razor glide, preventing razor drag and helping to give a cool, close, comfortable shave without catching or pulling the skin especially around the chin and on the neck.

Prep’s unique formulation soothes and cools razor burn, rashes and tender spots. Prep also helps to prevent nicks, cuts and chin scratches.


1. It is important to clean the skin and soften the beard. Wash face, or area to be shaved, thoroughly with soap and warm water. Towel dry.

2. Massage PREP Cream into the beard to form a rich, creamy protective layer.

3. Lather over PREP Cream with Prep Shave Foam, shaving gel or traditional shaving soap. (Prep Cream works very well as a base under a layer of shaving lather applied with a brush.)

4. Shave carefully with a clean, sharp razor using firm, light strokes.

5. Prep is rich and creamy – rinse razor frequently in hot water to prevent razor clogging.

6. Rinse face with warm water and towel dry.

7. For a perfect finish apply PREP Aftershave Balm to cool, condition and moisturise the skin.


1. Wash face, or area to be shaved, with soap and warm water.

2. Towel dry.

3. Spread a thick layer of Prep Cream onto the beard.

4. Shave, rinsing blade frequently.

5. Apply Prep Aftershave Balm for a perfect finish.


(these are applicable to whatever you are shaving…)


– Ensure that your blade is clean, sharp and free of any debris each time you shave.

– Soften your skin first by washing it with a skin cleanser and warm water.

– Take a bit of time… When using Prep Cream always massage it well into the skin before shaving. This will help to soften the hair follicles and the blade to glide across the skin easily.

– Clean any nicks or cuts with an antiseptic.

– Use Prep Balm after shaving to keep skin soft and supple.


– Do not shave dry.

– Do not use a blunt or dirty blade. If you find that your razor is pulling on the hair follicles or is causing you pain change the razor or blade.

– Do not shave more than is necessary to keep your skin smooth.

– Do not apply aftershave lotion to freshly shaved skin. Apply it after using Prep Balm.

– Do not shave against the hair growth except where necessary.


– Ensure that your razor is clean and the blade is sharp every time you shave.

– RAZOR RINSING: Prep Cream has a rich and creamy texture to lubricate and protect the skin. Rinse your razor frequently in HOT water during shaving to remove excess cream and whiskers and to prevent the blade from clogging.

– After shaving dry the razor and blade carefully to avoid rusting.


Cools Sunburn and Windburn

Prep Cream soothes and cools overheated, reddened skin and takes the sting out of sunburn. Smooth on liberally as necessary. PREP CREAM can also be used to soothe the effects of windburn after exposure to the elements.


Soothes Chafed Skin

Prep Cream soothes reddened chafed, skin irritations caused by sports such as running, walking, hiking, cycling and skiing. Massage Prep Cream into the chafed areas before, during and after sport.


Softens Dry and Chapped skin

Prep Cream softens and moisturises hard, cracked skin. Massage into heels, elbows, knees, hands and dry areas frequently until softened.


Relieves Bites and stings

For insect bites and stings, clean the area with an antiseptic. Apply Prep Cream three times a day.


Relieves the discomfort of Nappy Rash

Wash baby’s buttocks and dry carefully. Apply Prep Cream gently to reddened areas after each nappy change. Do not apply to broken skin.


Refreshes Tired, aching feet

Prep Cream is ideal for massaging tired, aching feet. Soothes and relieves. Refreshes perspiring feet.


Massage for bedridden patients

Use Prep Cream as a massage cream to assist circulation in pressure areas of bedridden patients.

For shaving Massage for bedridden patients


Shaving Non – facial Hair

Prep Cream is ideal for shaving underarms, bikini line, inner thigh and legs. It can also be used for pre-surgical shaving.

To soothe and moisturise newly shaved skin apply PREP Balm.

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